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Eye Exam – Comprehensive – A yearly eye exam including a vision analysis, refraction to update your prescription, and check for eye diseases or health changes, without a previous health issue. This exam is generally covered under your vision benefits.

Eye Exam – Medical – A vision examination focusing on current health or eye health issues such as: conjunctivitis (red eye), hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and/or trauma/injury. This exam is generally billed to your medical insurance. Your vision benefits are still available for glasses or contact lens. The exam may or may not include a refraction to update your prescription.

Medical Issue – A visit that consists of focusing on a specific medical problem such as, allergies, infections, eye pressure check, inflammation, etc. This visit may also be a follow up from an eye exam. This is not a comprehensive yearly exam, and typically does not involve a refraction. These visits are generally billed to your medical insurance.

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