Cataract FAQs

Are you or a family member suffering from cataracts? The optometry team at Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont would love to help. Below are some frequently asked questions about cataracts. 


Cataract FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about cataracts. Please contact us if you have other questions about cataracts and our practice. 

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are protein build-ups inside the lens of your eye. Over time, this protein buildup will create a barrier that prevents light from clearly passing through your eye, making it difficult for you to see.

What Are the Causes of Cataracts?

Proteins are naturally created in the eye, but an excess amount can cause vision issues. There are several types of cataracts. These are age-related, congenital, secondary, and traumatic cataracts. Below is more information about each type of cataracts.

Age-related Cataracts

Age-related cataracts are a very common form of cataracts. Many people over the age of 60 will develop cataracts at some point.

Congenital Cataracts

Congenital cataracts are cataracts that are present in a person’s eyes at birth. This type of cataract could be developed in the womb, or caused by an injury or illness. Cataracts can also form as the child develops and grows.

Secondary Cataracts

Secondary cataracts are when cataracts occur due to a medical condition, such as diabetes. Secondary cataracts can also be caused by exposure to radiation, toxic substances, or ultraviolet light. Certain medicines like diuretics or corticosteroids can also cause secondary cataracts.

Traumatic Cataracts

Traumatic cataracts are cataracts that develop when the eye or eyes are injured.

What Are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

There are many symptoms of cataracts. Symptoms include issues driving at night, blurry, foggy, or cloudy vision, contact lenses or eyeglasses not working like they used to, double vision in the eye with a cataract, nearsightedness, issues with glare, and changes in color perception.

What Type of Eye Care Is Available?

We offer several types of eye care for our patients with cataracts. If your cataracts are not yet causing you issues, we can monitor and test your vision regularly to monitor the progression of the condition. Corrective lenses and surgery are also available for patients who qualify. 

Fremont Optometry

Make an appointment at your earliest convenience so that we can treat you for cataracts. You can visit us at Warm Springs Optometric Group, 194 Francisco Lane #118, Fremont, CA 94539. If you prefer making an appointment over the phone, call us at (510) 490-0287.


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