Computer Vision FAQs

With technology taking over more and more of our lives, many of our patients are experiencing computer vision syndrome symptoms. With the help of our doctor of optometry, you can learn more about computer vision syndrome and how it can be treated in Fremont, CA. 

Computer Vision FAQs

What causes computer vision syndrome? 

Computer vision syndrome is caused by the overuse of digital devices. Our eyes don’t struggle to focus on printed materials, but the characters on a computer screen, phone, or tablet, don’t have the same contrast. This makes it difficult for our eyes to focus well. As they struggle, the eye muscles continuously flex, which causes a variety of symptoms. 

What are some symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

Many patients who have computer vision syndrome suffer from digital eye strain. Some common symptoms include:

• Eye strain
• Blurry vision
• Dry eyes
• Headaches
• Shoulder or neck pain

At Warm Springs Optometric Group, our doctor of optometry offers superior eye care to patients suffering from any of these symptoms. Most of these symptoms are caused by glare, improper viewing distances, poor lighting, and even uncorrected vision problems. The extent that you may experience these symptoms depends on your visual acuity and the time you spend using devices. If you have astigmatism, farsightedness, or an eye-focusing problem, they can all contribute to the development of these symptoms.

What are some eye strain relief tips? 

To feel some relief from tired or dry eyes, follow these tips:

1.    Follow the 20-20-20 rule by taking a 20-second break and looking at something at least 20 feet away every 20 minutes.
2.    Correct your posture. The position of your monitor can affect how tired your eyes feel. Position your computer at least an arms-length away.
3. Use ambient lighting to reduce the strain of devices on your eyes.
4. Use anti-glare screens to prevent harmful blue light from eye damage. Try blue light glasses to help filter this harmful light.

Learn How to Treat Computer Vision Syndrome

At Warm Springs Optometric Group, our doctor of optometry can diagnose and treat computer vision syndrome. During an eye exam, we can discuss your symptoms to determine the best possible treatment for your eye health. When you’re experiencing any eye strain symptoms, call our Fremont, CA, office to schedule an appointment for optimal eye care.   


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