Conditions Treated

There are a lot of conditions that can cause you to have trouble with your eyes. A lot of people have these issues, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. Often, a pair of glasses will correct the issue. Sometimes, surgery may be required. 

Here are some of the conditions that Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA, treats.


This is also known as near-sightedness. You can see things up close but have difficulty with things that are far away. It's very common, and it happens when your eye develops in a shape that causes the light to focus in front of your retina rather than on it. 

Be on the lookout that you may be squinting to see things far away or have eyestrain. Glasses or contacts can fix the problem. 


If you have this, you may have a damaged optic nerve thanks to a fluid build-up in the front of your eye. It typically happens to people 60 years or older and can cause blindness if it is not treated early. Usually, fluid flows in and out of your eyes. This fluid is called the aqueous humor. If it gets backed up, it can then damage your optical nerve. This condition is called open-angle glaucoma. There is also angle-closure glaucoma, which is not as common, where your iris may be too close to the drainage angle, and it can block it, causing it to back up very quickly. 

The best thing to do is to see us regularly so we can make sure that there is no sign of glaucoma. The symptoms can be very subtle at first. You can take medication via eyedrops or have laser surgery or traditional surgery. Unfortunately, any damage that has already occurred cannot be reversed. 


Usually, your eye is shaped like a small ball. If you have astigmatism, it looks like an oval. This makes you have blurry vision both far away or up close. You can usually correct this with glasses or contacts. If that doesn't work, you can also have surgery to fix the issue. 

Blurry Vision

Do not ignore this symptom if you have it. It could mean a wide variety of things ranging from your needing reading glasses to the possibility that you might have a tumor in your brain. Come see your optometrist as soon as possible. 

Quality Vision Care in Fremont

If you have any of the above conditions, come see us at Warm Springs Optometrist Group in Fremont, CA. We are ready to help you get your vision back! Call (510) 490-0287 for an appointment.


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