If you or someone you love cannot see far-off objects without squinting or eye strain, the problem may stem from a common refractive error known as myopia or nearsightedness. Myopia not only interferes with everyday vision but it can also raise the risk for other, more serious eye complications. Fortunately, you can get the myopia management you need with us at Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA. An “optometrist near me” is here to help.


Myopia Causes and Concerns

Many people suffer from myopia. You may find yourself squinting or straining to bring distant objects into focus, which in turn can cause fatigue and headaches. Many cases of myopia first appear during childhood and then stabilize at a certain level in early adulthood. Risk factors for myopia might include frequent close-range focus, insufficient time spent outdoors, and inherited factors.

In a typical case of myopia, the eyeball has an elongated shape instead of a spherical one. This abnormality causes incoming light to come to a focus off of the retina, impairing distance vision. Severe, uncorrected myopia can increase risks for retinal detachment.

Myopia Treatment for Different Ages

An optometrist on our team can confirm a diagnosis of myopia through an eye exam. The information we gather lets us prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses that compensate for the refractive error, potentially restoring your distance vision. If you prefer LASIK surgery as a more permanent solution, we can determine whether you make a good candidate for the procedure and refer you to a specialist.

Pediatric eye care techniques can also help curb myopia development in children. Atropine eye drops at bedtime may slow the elongation of the eyeball over a period of time. We might also recommend limiting your child’s screen time and recommend encouraging him to spend more time outdoors.

Get Myopia Management, Myopia Treatment, and Pediatric Eye Care

Whether you seek a trusted source for pediatric eye care or you need to correct your own nearsightedness, we at Warm Springs Optometric Group can help. Contact a Fremont, CA, optometrist at (510) 490-0287 to schedule an eye exam and any necessary myopia treatment. An “optometrist near me” is here to help.

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