Puff-Less Eye Exam

If you are familiar with eye exams then you probably know all about the dreaded Puff Exam. None of these vision exam tests are uncomfortable or painful, however, most do not look forward to the Puff Test. This exam tests the pressure inside the eye. When you know that a burst of air is going to hit you in the eye it does make you a bit apprehensive as you wait for the burst of air to hit. As this burst of air bounces off your eye, it gives the optometrist a reading of the pressure inside your eye. Come and visit Dr. Ece Turhal to find out what a Puff-Less vision exam is all about. Give us a call at (510) 490-0287 and read all about our eye care group, Warm Springs Optometric Group on our website. Stop by for a visit and meet our dedicated staff. 



This skilled and seasoned Optometrist has a variety of tests to diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma. The tonometry measures the pressure within your eye by applying a tiny bit of pressure to the eye. This test reads the amount of pressure within the eye. This test allows the doctor to examine your optic nerve to make sure there is no damage. None of these visual exams are painful or uncomfortable and take seconds to complete. These tests can tell the doctor if you are developing an eye issue such as glaucoma. 


This is a  small tool with a light on the end that magnifies your optic nerve so the doctor can visualize the pressure in your eyes. This test allows a good look at the shape and color of your optic nerve. 


This test can give the doctor a look at your complete visual field. The doctor will use a light that you must follow with your eyes to measure your peripheral vision. 


This test determines the angle of the eye between the iris and the cornea. The doctor holds up a contact lens over the eye which allows the doctor to visualize the angle of the cornea. 


This test measures the thickness of the cornea. The doctor uses a probe called a pachymetry. This device is placed on the eye and measures the thickness of your cornea. 

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You will find how at ease you are at the Warm Springs Optometric Group. Dr. Ece Turhal is a seasoned and skilled optometrist in Fremont and introduces the new Puff-Less eye exam. If you live in Fremont or any of the surrounding areas around Fremont we are waiting for your call at (510) 490-0287. Access our website for more in-depth information.


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