Sports Vision Testing with our Fremont Optometrist

pair of glasses and tennis shoesSports vision testing can assist athletes in determining how well their eyes perform so that they can make enhancements and improvements. The goal is to make them better athletes than ever before so that sports performance can be improved and optimized. Our Fremont optometrists here at Warm Spring Optometric Group can provide sports vision testing to improve your athletic performance. After visual strengths and weaknesses are determined, sports vision therapy from your optometrist can assist in strengthening vision and improving athletic performance going forward.

Key Components of Vision Testing 

Hand-Eye Coordination - This importance of this skill is obvious in sports that involve a ball, racket, club, etc. 

Depth Perception - Navigating obstacles and turns is essential in activities such as skiing as well as contact sports. 

Eye Tracking - Visual tracking in sports is essential when anticipating a ball being thrown or watching for other players on the field. Some of the Sports Vision Tests that are Utilized 

The Snellen Eye Chart - This is the standard eye test that determines distance vision.

Contrast Sensitivity Testing- The ability to perceive contrast is essential to depth perception and making split-second decisions in fast-based sports activities.

Eye Tracking - The ability to visually track objects is essential to sports where there are moving balls and players to navigate.

Ocular Alignment - This test measures and determines how well your eyes work in partnership for optimal vision. The Hirschberg test is one example of this type of testing. It uses the assessment of how light is reflected from the cornea.

Eye Dominance Tests - The Miles test for eye dominance can identify your dominant eye.

Depth Perception - Tests like the Howard-Dolman Apparatus allow your optometrist to assess your depth perception.

Visual Processing Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination - Testing to determine how quickly you react after seeing an object can help with selecting a course of vision therapy to improve in these areas.

Eye Teaming - Tests such as the Saladin Near Point Balance Card help determine how well the eyes work together. The results of sports vision testing can be used to help create a vision training program. Computer simulations are the most common type. However, internal visualization can also assist with creating the mental imagery and brain synapses that support more effective sports performance going forward. Contact our Fremont Optometrists for Sports Vision Testing

Your optometrists in Fremont Warm Spring Optometric Group are here to assist all athletes in improving importance. Good vision and eye health are foundational to so many other aspects of life. Your eye doctors in Fremont, Dr. Michael Fauria, and Dr. Susan Pirrone, are committed to your best sports performance through ideal vision and eye health. We offer state-of-the-art vision exams and testing and look forward to assisting you in achieving the best vision possible.  Call us at (510) 490-0287.


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