Vision Therapy

Warm Spring Optometric Group Now Offers Vision Therapy!

Vision therapy is a great solution for eye problems that do not require surgery. It is a form of physical therapy where your doctor will establish what problems are occurring in the communication between your eyes and brain, and then they will develop a personalized plan to help resolve those issues. This therapy is a great treatment option for lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, and general binocular vision problems. Our staff at Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA, wants you to know all of the benefits that vision therapy at our office can bring you and your family.

There is more to vision therapy than simply strengthening the eyes. It also enhances the neurological connections between the eyes and the brain. A healthy connection between the eyes and the brain is essential for good eyesight.

Studies on vision therapy show it is effective in improving the lives of patients. Data shows that this therapy can improve visual function enough to keep it from interfering with a patient's ability to absorb information and learn. In its own sphere, this therapy is as effective as physical therapy or occupational therapy..


Children and Athletes Can Greatly Benefit
The increase in ocular function from vision therapy greatly benefits children and athletes. The former will be able to fixate and read stationary text in the classroom better, resulting in better comprehension and improved grades. The latter can improve their eye tracking and depth perception skills, leading to the athlete being able to better track the ball or player on the field. While these two groups can benefit greatly from this treatment, anyone who is suffering from vision problems that can not be treated with surgery can benefit from vision therapy treatment.

Schedule a Binocular Vision Assessment today to see if you would benefit from vision therapy. 

Our staff at Warm Spring Optometric Group is ready to answer all of your questions about vision therapy. You can call us today at 510-490-0287 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ece Turhal, or to inquire more about this service.

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