Vision Therapy at Warm Springs Optometric Group

At Warm Springs Optometric Group, we want to make sure all our patients in and around Fremont maintain their eye health and vision clarity. However, not every eye-related issue can be managed with glasses or contact lenses. Issues with the way your eyes and brain work together require vision therapy. Vision therapy is an effective non-invasive treatment for various common eye problems, including crossed eyes, reading/learning disorders, double vision, lazy eye, and more.

Vision Therapy

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes. It's typically used to help the eyes and brain work together more easily and address conditions that aren't correctable with standard glasses or contact lenses. Vision therapy uses progressive eye exercises and procedures to improve the brain's ability to control focusing, visual perception, eye teaming, and more. Our optometrist can assess your medical history and current eye health to recommend the right therapy options that work best to meet your needs and goals.

What Conditions Does Vision Therapy Treat?

Vision therapy is recommended to treat conditions caused by the eyes and the brain not working in conjunction with one another properly. When the brain and eyes do not work in tandem, this can lead to a significant loss of visual acuity and make it more difficult for a person to see clearly. Glasses and contact lenses won't help the problem, and surgery isn't needed. Still, treating the issue can make a significant difference in how well a person sees and what kinds of activities they're able to engage in.

Is Everyone a Good Candidate for Vision Therapy?

While anyone with a vision problem can be a good candidate, the most common candidates for vision therapy are children and athletes. Both need visual acuity that's as good as it can be. As a result, children can focus in school easily, and athletes will be able to perform in their chosen sport more efficiently. With the right kind of vision training, nearly anyone can see more clearly and have sharper focus.

Contact Us for Vision Therapy from Our Optometrist in Fremont, CA

If you're in the Fremont area, reach out to us at Warm Springs Optometric Group for quality eye care. We understand that there are serious eye conditions that can be treated without surgery, and we want to help you get the support and treatment you need. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients maintain their vision at any stage of life. Contact us today to schedule your next eye exam or to learn more about how we can help. 


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