• Does My Child Have Myopia? Myopia Symptoms and How To Treat
    Treehouse Eyes is a specialty pediatric eye care practice treating myopic children with a nationwide network of doctors. Recently, doctors in our Treehouse Eyes community had the chance to spread Read more
  • Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses
    Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Contacts and Glasses If you notice that your vision is starting to get blurry, it is a sign that you need some form of vision Read more
  • Myopia (nearsightedness): A Pervasive Disease
    Myopia is a disease that currently impacts 30% of the world’s population and by 2050, almost 50% of the population will be myopic, that’s an unnerving 5 billion people. There Read more
  • Halloween Eye Safety Month
    Halloween is approaching quickly and it’s time to create those photo-worthy costumes – but we want to ensure an eye infection isn’t a part of the ensemble. October is Halloween Read more
  • Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes
    Dry eyes are some of the most common complaints eye doctors receive, especially when treating patients for myopia using contact lenses. Several factors can cause dry eye syndrome, and several Read more
  • Recognizing The Signs & Symptoms Of Myopia In Children
    Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is an eye disease in which the eye elongates, causing light to be focused in front of the retina instead of on the retina’s Read more
  • What is The Main Cause of Myopia?
    The truth is scientists and doctors are still learning about myopia and the main causes of the disease. What’s known is several factors lead a child to develop myopia, including Read more
  • 3 Facts about Myopia and What You Can Do For Your Child
    Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is an eye disease in which the eye elongates more than it should, causing light to be focused in front of the retina instead Read more
  • 3 Facts About Myopia You Should Know
    Given the rapid increase in childhood myopia being seen in the U.S., the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their guidance on managing myopia in Read more
  • Treehouse Eyes March Blog
    Myopia Control and Prevention: 3 Different Types Of Myopia Control Explained Before discussing potential “cures” and ways to control for myopia it is important to ensure we define it correctly. A Read more
  • What Does Myopia Mean?
    You’ve probably heard the term myopia before. But what exactly does myopia mean? Is it a disease? How should I cure or treat myopia? If I wear glasses, will it Read more
  • The Four Best Ways to Treat and Manage Myopia
    If you or your children have myopia and it is getting worse each year, this article is for you. We will be discussing the four best ways to treat your Read more
  • Can Myopia Be Prevented?
    Parents who are nearsighted often wonder what can be done to prevent their children from developing the same or similar conditions. While scientists haven’t yet found a way to guarantee that Read more
  • Childhood Myopia: What It Is and What You Can Do To Help Your Child.
    Dozens of parents bring their children into our practices every day for eye exams and other services, and many ask us questions about myopia. While instances and awareness of myopia Read more
  • 5 Spooky Things You Didn't Know About Myopia
    Myopia (most often referred to as nearsightedness) affects about one in every three children in the United States and has become increasingly prevalent over the last 30 years. Myopia is Read more
  • Myopia Awareness Campaign
    The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) recently launched its “Little Kid License” campaign to continue to raise awareness of childhood myopia and the new treatment options available. GMAC, of which Read more


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