Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye Needs Correction as Soon as Possible

Lazy eye is also called amblyopia. It's a condition in which one or both eyes (usually one) can seem to wander, crossing in, out, down, or up. Lazy eye needs to be treated as soon when it's noticed because it can lead to the "wandering" eye. Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA, offers treatment and monitoring for conditions like lazy eye

lazy eye
What's Really Happening?

Normally, as you grow, your eyes develop the ability to see clearly to certain distances. This visual acuity is what your eye doctor measures when we test you to find that fraction-like number to describe your vision, such as 20/20. In amblyopia, one or both eyes do not develop that acuity. This is more than just near- or farsightedness. With amblyopia, glasses will not help, and the under-developed eye can weaken to the point where the brain just doesn't rely on it anymore. The eye can move around, "looking" in different directions from where your non-weakened eye is looking. The loss of vision in the weakened eye can become permanent.

Amblyopia typically develops in young children, so correcting it early is essential. Weakened vision can affect how the child learns in school and having a wandering eye can invite bullying. If you see your child's eye-crossing randomly and involuntarily, or if it seems like the child is favoring one eye, especially by crying or protesting when you cover one eye but not the other, then you need to take the child to an eye doctor as soon as you can.

Many cases of lazy eye are caused by simple muscle imbalances, but others are caused by things such as obstructions within the eye. Those obstructions can appear in infants and need urgent treatment. Have your child's eyes examined early in life as you might not recognize the symptoms right away. Other cases of lazy eye can be caused by severe differences in acuity between the eyes.

Lazy Eye Treatment

Treatment for lazy eye often involves something called patching. Because part of the problem is that the child's brain is ignoring the input from the weaker eye, you need to force the brain to pay attention to what the weaker eye sees. Patching involves placing a patch over the "good" eye, making the child see through only the weakened eye. For cases where acuity differences are the problem, a combination of patching and accurate eyeglass prescriptions often helps the condition.

Have Your Child's Eyes Checked Today

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