Itchy and Burning Eye

Eyes that itch and burn are a nuisance. They hurt, they sting, and they make it harder for you to see so you can work, socialize, drive, or simply accomplish daily living tasks. When you come to see us at Warm Springs Optometric Group, you have the opportunity for prompt, quality treatment you can rely on. If you're in the Fremont, CA, area, we're here to help you feel better and be more comfortable, too. You don't have to just deal with eyes that burn and itch, whether your symptoms are being caused by allergies, a medical condition, or something else. Getting the right treatment is what matters, and you can get that treatment from us today.

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Itching Eyes Can Mean Allergies

One of the most common allergy symptoms is itchy eyes. Grass pollen, pet dander, and all types of other substances get into or near your eyes any make them itch. Sometimes, just having smoke or other particulates in the air is enough to start the itch. Once that happens, rubbing your eyes becomes very common. That can transfer bacteria and germs to the eyes and nose, and put you at risk for colds and viruses. Fortunately, itchy eyes don't have to be a part of your life. There are treatment options available for this condition, and our optometrist can help you find the one that works for your needs.

Eyes Burning? It Could Be a Medical Condition

Burning eyes often come along with the itching you feel, but that's not always the case. The burning and stinging could happen on its own, and not be associated with an itch. Allergies can cause eyes that burn, but so can medical conditions such as dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome occurs when the body either doesn't make enough tears or produces tear of inferior quality, leaving your eyes feeling dry and irritated. Other conditions may also contribute to this problem. It's important to work with your eye doctor to find out the issue. Then you can get the best treatment for your condition, and reduce the burning and other uncomfortable feelings in your eyes.

Work with Our Trusted Optometrist Today

If you're in the Fremont, CA area, Warm Springs Optometric Group can help with your itching and burning eyes. We want to give you the opportunity to feel healthy again, and to avoid the discomfort that problems with your eyes can cause.

Contact us today, and we'll help you discover what's causing your eye discomfort so we can work on the right treatment plan. Your eye health is very important, and whether the problem is something simple or is something more significant, finding out what's causing it and getting it treated promptly is the best way to handle the issue.