When you go outside during the day, the sun can pose a serious threat to the health of your eyes. Getting too much sun can affect multiple areas of the body, and the eyes are one of the main areas. There are many aspects of sunlight that can cause you problems if you aren't wearing sunglasses. If you wear eyeglasses, getting prescription sunglasses is a must for protecting your eyes outside. To get your prescription lenses, you need to see an eye doctor to get your current eye prescription. To see one of our optometrists in Fremont, call us today for an appointment at Warm Springs Optometric Group.


Glare From the Sun

When you are outside around anything smooth, there is a chance that you'll see the glare from the sun bouncing off the object. This often happens on the water, in traffic, and on glass. Glare can make it difficult to perform any outdoor task, and it can cause temporary blindness. It can make driving, boating, and even running harder.

When you wear polarized prescription sunglasses, it allows your eyes to cut through that glare and not be affected by it. Sunglasses are often needed while driving, as well as when walking among many buildings. They can help you see your best outside. Sunglasses are polarized by adding a special coating to them that blocks light coming from certain directions, allowing for clearer vision.

UV Rays

Another danger from the sun is the UV rays that come from the sunlight. When you're outside during the day, the UV rays from the sun will hit your eyes. This is a form of radiation that can cause a lot of different eye problems. It's a major cause of cataracts and macular degeneration. It can also make cataracts worse. Anytime you go outside, you need to wear sunglasses.

When you get prescription sunglasses, it allows you to switch back and forth easily between your eyeglasses and sunglasses as you go outside. Sunglasses have a coating on the lenses that blocks UV rays. Most sunglasses block either 100% of the UV rays that try to come through them, although some block 99%. To keep your eyes protected from the damage that UV rays can cause, get into the habit of slipping on your sunglasses when you go outdoors.

See an Optometrist for Your Eye Exam

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