Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative for people who don't like wearing glasses, but it’s important to get the right type of lens. At Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA, we provide several specialty contact lenses for various eye conditions.

What We Offer

It is important to find the right contact lenses for your eyes. The factors to consider in this decision are your eye health, eye shape, your prescription, and more. Here are some of the specialty lenses that we offer.

Ortho-K Lenses

Some eye conditions are a result of your cornea not being the right shape. In these cases, ortho-K lenses are used instead of a standard contact lens. These ortho-K lenses are specifically designed to gently reshape your cornea to correct its shape. These lenses are only worn at night, giving you temporary vision correction the following day and allowing you to avoid wearing contacts or glasses in the daytime.

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Bifocal Lenses

If you struggle with several vision conditions, bifocal or multifocal lenses may work for you. These lenses can correct problems like myopia (nearsightedness), or hyperopia (farsightedness). Bifocal lenses may also help those with presbyopia, which occurs with age and makes it harder to focus on close objects.

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Scleral Lenses

The white part of your eye, called the sclera, isn't generally covered by a contact lens. Scleral lenses, however, treat irregular cornea conditions by resting on the sclera of your eyes while maintaining a raised center to avoid touching the cornea. These lenses work for patients with irregular corneas, extreme astigmatism, and other conditions.

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Hard to Fit Contacts

Contact lenses are not an easy solution for every person suffering with vision problems. Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult proposition. However, it does not rule out wearing contact lenses altogether. It just means patients need to discuss options with their eye care provider and obtain specialized hard to fit contacts for their specific vision problems.

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Getting an Eye Exam

Before you get a pair of specialty contact lenses from Warm Springs Optometric Group, you need to get an eye exam to make sure you're getting the right type of lens. One of our optometrists can perform a full eye and vision exam to diagnose conditions in your eyes. Once a diagnosis has been made, our optometrist will decide on the best course of treatment for your condition. No matter what kind of specialty lenses you might need, we can get you set up with them so you can keep living your normal life.

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Taking care of your vision is important, especially as you age. Unfortunately, wearing glasses all day can be a real drag. The good news is, Warm Springs Optometric Group has all the specialty contact lenses you need to treat your vision condition without glasses. We offer a wide variety of lenses, including ortho-k, bifocal, scleral, soft, gas-permeable, toric lenses, and more. To find out more or to schedule an eye exam, contact Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA today.