Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care with our Fremont Optometrist

emergency eyecare

To ensure that you can see correctly and that your eyes are healthy, you should see an eye doctor every year. Since vision changes can occur very gradually and many diseases of the eye show no early symptoms, annual visits to the eye doctor are essential. There are times where you may need to see the eye doctor in between visits for emergency eye care. There are a few conditions that are considered an emergency and would require immediate treatment.

Eye Infection

If you have an eye infection, you should see the eye doctor right away. Some eye infections are very contagious. This means that you can spread it to everyone you come into contact with until the infection is treated. Some eye infections, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to the eye. The symptoms of an eye infection include:

  • Eye pain, itching, or stinging
  • Red or bloodshot eyes
  • Watery or mucus discharge

Corneal Abrasion

If something scratched your eye, it could cause a scratch or an abrasion on your cornea. This often causes pain, or it can make you feel like you have something in your eye. If your cornea is scratched, you may need antibiotics and a bandage contact lens until the abrasion heals.

Foreign Object in the Eye

If you get something in your eye and after flushing it with sterile eye wash solution the object doesn't come out, you should see your eye doctor right away to have it removed. If you think that you got the object out, but it still feels like there is something in there, you should see the eye doctor. The foreign object may have damaged your cornea.

Sudden Loss of Vision in One or Both Eyes

If you suddenly lose your vision or if your vision becomes blurry suddenly, you should see the eye doctor immediately. The issue could be with your eyes or your brain, and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Seeing Floaters of Flashes of Light

Flashes and floaters are a serious cause for concern. This issues can be caused by a retinal tear, bleeding in the eye, eye trauma, severe high blood pressure, or uncontrolled diabetes.

Lost or Broken Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you depend on eyeglasses or contacts to see and you lost them or if you broke your glasses, it is considered an emergency. Without your vision correction, you may not be able to handle everyday activities. If you have a strong prescription, being without your glasses or contacts isn't an option.

If you are suffering from any issues that are considered an emergency, you should schedule an appointment with Warm Springs Optometric Group. Our Fremont optometrist will examine your eyes and treat the problem.

​​​​​​​Only in case of a vision-threatening emergency, please call our emergency phone number (510) 371-1411. If we don't respond within 20 minutes of your call, please approach the nearest urgent care or emergency room. Thank you!