How to Solve Itchy Eyes

While dry and itchy eyes are common, it’s important to address them, especially since eye irritation could hint at a serious underlying condition. It’s possible your body may reject contact lenses. It’s crucial to regularly check in with our optometrist, who can monitor your vision health. Contact Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, CA, if you are looking for an optometrist nearby.

Contact our medical professional immediately if you suffer from blurry vision or other potentially serious symptoms. Early treatment could protect your vision. Check out the tips below.

Address the Root Cause

Perhaps the most crucial thing for resolving itchy eyes is pinpointing what’s causing the problem. Your itchy eyes could simply be due to allergies. If so, antihistamines and over-the-counter (OTC) eyedrops could provide immediate relief.

If your itchy eyes are due to your body rejecting contact lenses, OTC eye drops may provide only temporary and partial relief. Prescription eyedrops may offer more comfort. However, you may need to switch to a different type of contact lens or stop wearing contacts altogether.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Then there are conditions like dry eye syndrome, caused by your eyes not producing the right tears (your tears act as natural moisturizers). Prescription eye drops can help with dry eye syndrome and other conditions.

Your itchy and red eyes may react to makeup. Changing makeup brands may provide relief. Sometimes medications can cause issues with the eyes. If so, antibiotics and other treatments may be in order. Eczema and other skin conditions can contribute to dry and itchy eyes.

Contact Warm Springs Optometric Group

As you can see, many things can cause itchy, red eyes and other issues. Furthermore, the above causes still need to be exhaustive. Speaking with an optometrist about eye care and itchy eye relief is wise. Visit Warm Springs Optometric Group, serving Fremont, CA, to discuss treatment options. Call our office at (510) 490-0287 to schedule an appointment.