How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Sports

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Sports with Help from Our Optometrist in Fremont

At Warm Spring Optometric Group, it is our mission to help you improve your vision and eye health. Part of this mission involves providing you with everything you need to get more out of your vision. If you are playing sports, we want to help you see more clearly so you can perform better. Learn about the use of sports vision testing offered by our optometrists in Fremont.

What is Sports Vision Testing?

Sports vision tests are used to improve your vision. The reason these tests are called sports vision testing is that it is most commonly used by sports players and athletes. The way vision testing works is by training your eyes to see better. This ranges from seeing more clearly, having a better color distinction, or identifying your dominant eye.

What are the Benefits of Sports Vision Testing?

When you commit to sports vision testing, you are helping to improve your vision even if you already have 20/20 vision. You do not have to wear eyeglasses or contacts, and eye surgery is not required. You can complete sports vision testing either in the office of our eye doctors in Fremont or in your own home via a computer. Plus, there is no downtime and you do not have to take medication to improve your vision.

What are the Most Common Types of Sports Vision Tests?

A common sports vision test is the eye dominance test that shows you which of your eyes is most dominant. This is useful if you play a sport that requires you to see well. We also provide ocular alignment tests to help improve your ocular alignment. Using vision tests we can also help you improve your hand-eye coordination, as well as your visual processing speed.

Contact Our Optometrists in Fremont for Sports Vision Testing

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