Meet Your Fremont Optometrists at Warm Springs Optometric Group

Welcome to Warm Springs Optometric Group

Warm Springs Optometric Group is proud to bring the very best in optometrist services to the Fremont area. In addition to having two of the best optometrists in Fremont, this optometric office is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology for comprehensive vision exams. Read on to find out more about the eye doctors at Warm Springs Optometric group and the services they provide.

Meet the Eye Doctors – Dr. Fauria & Dr. Pirrone

Warm Springs Optometric Group has two eye doctors in its Fremont office, Michael F. Fauria, O.D. and Dr. Susan M. Pirrone, O.D. Drs. Fauria and Pirrone started Warm Springs Optometric Group after they both graduated from UC Berkeley School of Optometry. These two former classmates have been providing the very best quality eye care services in the area since 1985. They are both certified and qualified to provide comprehensive vision exams as well as diagnose and treat eye diseases.

Eye Care Services at Warm Springs Optometric Group

Warm Springs Optometric Group offers a variety of services for all of your eye care needs, including:

  • Eye and Vision Exams – Vision screening and eye health testing with some of the most advanced equipment available.
  • Contact Lens Exams – Detailed contact lens exams to ensure this is the best option for you.
  • Myopia Control Therapy – Treatment for children with nearsightedness that helps reshape the child’s cornea.
  • Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses – Finding the right corrective lenses for your eye care needs.
  • Emergency Eye Treatment – Diagnoses and treatment for emergency conditions that may cause damage to the eye.
  • Ocular Disease Management – Diagnoses and treatment for dry eye, red eye, computer vision, and sports vision.
  • LASIK Management – Before surgical screenings and after surgery eye care.

To better understand which of these services might be right for you, consult with one of our doctors today.

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Are you looking for optometrists in Fremont? Warm Springs Optometric Group provides a range of quality eye care services. To make an appointment with one of our eye doctors, call today: (510) 490-0287