Understanding Common Eye Injuries

Common eye injuries have the unfortunate impact of sidelining you for days or even weeks. While some injuries may require treatment at an emergency room, you may be able to visit an optometrist later to get long-term care for your injury. At Warm Springs Optometrist Group in Fremont, CA, we care about the health of your eyes. Whether you're responding to an injury or hoping to prevent one, here is what you need to know about common eye injuries. 

Eye Injuries

Types of Eye Injuries

Fighting is one of the most common reasons for eye injuries. But accidents can happen to both children and adults. Injuries to the face can result in cuts, bruising, and shock to the eye. For patients who have suffered sports injuries or accidents, you might need to go to an emergency room before talking to an optometrist. Eye injuries require more than time and home remedies for recovery. We want our patients to stay calm if they have an injury and stay educated with this information.

Cuts and scratches under the eyelid

These minor injuries are irritating but can heal on their own if the cut or scratch is small. You'll need sutures for larger cuts, but in the meantime, keeping your hands away from your eye will keep bacteria and contaminants away from the wound. If you have fingernails, understand that aggressive scratching is one common reason for scratches, as is using abrasive washcloths or other fabrics on your face.

Corneal abrasion

A corneal abrasion occurs when the cornea is scratched. This is a more serious injury that often occurs when a foreign object is stuck inside the eye. You probably don't have to worry too much about a gnat in your eye, but small pieces of dirt or debris can scratch the corneas enough to cause pain.

Punctured eyeball

If you are working in construction, manufacturing, or roofing, there are plenty of unfortunate accidents that could result in a punctured eyeball. The number of eye accidents in the world should emphasize to anyone doing dangerous work that eye protection is imperative. Our optometrist in Fremont, CA reminds patients to be especially cautious of this injury, as you could lose your eye completely.

Black eye

Black eyes are bruising that occurs around the eye, resembling black and purplish colors. This kind of bruising can be especially painful for the first three days before subsiding in appearance and discomfort over time. Again, using eye protection at work and avoiding fights are great ways to avoid black eyes. If you have bruising around your eye, you can also consider using ice to alleviate the swelling sooner.

Eye Injury Help in Fremont, CA

Warm Springs Optometric Group knows you want to avoid common eye injuries, but we understand if something terrible happens. You don't need to panic. Trust the services of an optometrist at our Fremont location. Contact us today at (510) 490-0287 for an appointment if you've suffered an eye injury, and we'll do our best to accommodate.


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