Emergency Eye Care with our Fremont Optometrist

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Whether it’s caused by a foreign object, a chemical burn or cuts and scratches, quickly calling an optometrist can mean the difference between healthy eyes and permanent vision loss or blindness. At Warm Springs Optometric Group, our team of eye doctors in Fremont, California, can successfully diagnose and treat a variety of eye-related emergencies.  

Symptoms of an Eye Emergency

A common symptom of eye injury can include eye pain and the feeling of something in your eye that you can’t remove. Other symptoms are irregular pupils, redness and irritation, vision loss or double vision, burning and stinging. Sometimes, bleeding from the eye, blood in the white part of the eye, discharge, headaches, bruising and a bulging eye can occur.

Steps to Take in an Emergency

Do not try to take care of an eye-related emergency yourself. It’s best to contact a trained optometrist, like the eye doctors at Warm Springs Optometric Group. In the meantime, do not rub your eyes or try to remove the foreign object using tweezers, medications or ointments. Unless you have a chemical injury and can’t receive immediate help, don’t take out your contacts, as that can make an injury worse.

Chemical burns should be flushed with water immediately. Make sure to wash hands beforehand to remove any additional chemicals that may have gotten on your hands. Small foreign objects can be removed by blinking; flushing the eye with water or using eye drops to clear it out. Large objects, however, should not be touched or removed. Cuts require immediate medical attention. A black eye can indicate eye damage and even skull fracture, so contact an optometrist to have it checked out.   

Preventing Eye Injuries

Wearing protective eyewear and following proper safety protocol when using chemicals can go a long way in preventing serious eye injuries. Don’t play with fireworks and be careful of splattering grease when cooking. Parents should keep sharp objects and projectile toys away from children and childproof the home.

When to Contact Our Fremont Optometrists

At Warm Springs Optometric Group, our team of eye doctors can help treat emergency eye situations including foreign object removal, damage to the eye and red eye. If your vision changes suddenly and isn’t functioning properly, do not hesitate to call us. Our optometrists, Dr. Michael Fauria and Dr. Susan Pirrone are available immediately during business hours.

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In addition to our emergency eye care, we offer comprehensive eye exams, vision therapy and eye disease treatment. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call our Fremont office (510) 490-0287.


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