Eyecare Services

At Warm Springs Optometric Group, serving Fremont, CA, and the surrounding region, our optometrists provide the area with access to care for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and several other eye problems. Let's discuss how the process works with the eye care services we offer. 

Eyecare Services

Vision Exams

One of the main services we offer at our practice is an eye exam. During this process, our optometrist will ask you to look into a machine. You may be asked to read letters of varying sizes. Based on the line you can read, our optometrist will determine your vision deficit, if there is any. This can test for myopia, also known as nearsightedness. We can also provide other testing for farsightedness and astigmatism.

Eye Health Screenings 

Part of an exam with us will also consist of an eye health screening. Rather than testing you for myopia and other vision deficits, this test gives our optometrist a look into your eye. The eye doctor can then determine if there are any issues. 

Your eye health screening will also consist of testing for different eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma. Good news for the glaucoma test - there's no more "air puff" test done at our practice. We've invested in a much easier and quicker testing method for your eye pressure check. 

Sometimes, we'll perform more advanced testing depending on any issues you have, your age, and genetic risk factors.

Providing You with Eyewear 

Once we figure out your prescription through an eye exam, our optometrist may pair you with glasses or contacts that will correct the problem. You may even decide to have both. 

If you have certain vision problems, an optometrist on our team may need to give you special glasses or contacts, such as contacts for astigmatism or bifocal glasses. 

Part of giving you eyewear also consists of fitting you for eyeglasses or contacts. The fitting process for contacts is comprised of you looking into a device that measures the dimensions of your eyes. 

For glasses, you'll work with a specialist who will determine the right size of glasses to fit your face. 

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We at Warm Springs Optometric Group, serving Fremont, CA, and the general vicinity, help patients with myopia and a variety of other vision deficits and eye health problems. We offer various services to help. If you need any of our services, contact us for an appointment by calling (510) 490-0287.


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