What does Myopia Control do and who would need it?

Myopia control is a treatment plan designed specifically for your child to slow or even stop myopia from getting worse. We design a specific plan which works best for your child based on age, amount of myopia, parent's prescription and what maximizes our potential of stopping myopia changes.

It may include eye drops to slow myopia growth. Overnight retainer lenses (similar to braces and retainers for teeth), which reshape the cornea overnight cancelling the need for glasses during the day. Or soft multifocal contact lenses worn only during the day.

What are signs that I or my child need this treatment?

Typical symptoms that would show the need for treatment are:

  1. Worsening prescription.
  2. Active in Sports.
  3. Tired or Dry eyes when wearing daily contact lenses.
  4. Doesn't want to wear glasses anymore.
  5. Parents who are nearsightedness.

What is the treatment like, what’s used, and how long does it take?

Our office will design a contact lens made specifically for you. It’s made of a high oxygen permeable material that is safe for wearing while sleeping. The lens is worn at night while sleeping and cleaned in the morning with an approved cleaning solution provided by the office. The correction will last for the entire day without the need to wear contact lenses or glasses. The lens will be inserted on the eye again each night just before going to sleep.

Is myopia treatment a lot more expensive than average contact lenses? Is it covered by medical insurance?

At this time, it is not covered by insurance. Our office does offer payment options. The cost of this initial process can sometimes feel expensive but in the long run can become cheaper than wearing regular disposable lenses.

How do I learn more or get started with Myopia Control?

Our office can provide myopia control information at the time of your next eye exam. To determine if your child is a candidate for this revolutionary procedure, a thorough consultation is scheduled. Dr. Fauria realized he could help fill this need for specialty contact lenses in Fremont. Dr. Fauria is an expert in contact lenses and has had great success helping patients control their myopia. Call today for your appointment to find out more about myopia control.

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