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If you struggle to see objects close up, you may be one of the many individuals who struggle with hyperopia, also known as farsightedness. Fortunately, this familiar problem can be dealt with easily through modern vision correction techniques and devices. Here at Warm Springs Optometric Group in Fremont, our optometrist can determine your exact degree of hyperopia and prescribe the right corrective solution for your needs. 


What Is Hyperopia?

There are several kinds of eye problems that can interfere with proper near vision, from cataracts to an age-related focusing issue called presbyopia. In the case of hyperopia, the problem is due to the way incoming light is refracted and directed towards the retina. If your eyeballs are foreshortened instead of normally spherical in shape, the incoming light resolves at a focal point "behind" the eye, as opposed to coming into focus right on the retina. As a result, you may be able to see distant objects clearly, but near objects will appear blurry. This condition is the opposite of myopia (nearsightedness), in which elongated eyeball shape impairs distance vision while leaving near vision intact.

Farsightedness imposes some obvious and annoying limitations on everyday tasks. You may find it difficult or impossible to read, use a smartphone, or perform any kind of detail-oriented work if you can't bring near images into adequate focus. The effort involved may also lead eye strain, fatigue, or headaches.

Corrective Lenses from Your Fremont Optometrist

Your Fremont optometrist at our optometry center can diagnose hyperopia during a comprehensive eye exam. Eye chart testing can help us calculate your individual corrective prescription. We can then provide you with a few different options for sharpening that near vision. You may benefit from:

  • Eyeglasses - Eyeglasses have done a fine job of correcting farsightedness for hundreds of years.
  • Contact lenses - If you prefer contacts to eyeglasses, we will perform an additional evaluation called a contact lens exam and then fit you with the best kind of contacts for your needs.

If you have astigmatism as well as hyperopia, don't fret. Our lens options can correct for both types of refractive error simultaneously.

Seeking Greater Visual Clarity? Seek Out Our Optometry Clinic

Don't let farsightedness keep you from seeing with equal clarity at all distance levels. Call our Fremont clinic today at (510) 255-4605 to schedule an eye exam and state-of-the-art corrective care!

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