Changing the way our patients see the world...

The highlight of your day will be your experience with us, at WSOG!

Caring for your precious gift of sight, your instincts tell you to choose a highly credentialed and experienced professional, such as Dr. Michael Fauria and Dr. Susan Pirrone, who both graduated from UC Berkely School of Optometry in 1984. You also want comprehensive vision care including state of the art examinations, management and treatment of both vision conditions and eye diseases. In addition, you want a large selection of eye glasses and contact lenses with quality staff to match your vision needs with vision fashion and function.

Exceptional, personable eyecare that focuses on you is available at Warm Springs Optometric Group located in Fremont, CA. We are committed to making your experience the highlight of your day. From greeting you with a smile, to a personalized assessment of your vision condition and solutions, we make you feel right at home. Our goal is to exceed patient satisfacation by providing superior vision care with quality services and products. At Warm Springs Optometric Group we maintain and preserve vision with yearly comprehensive exams using the highest technology available

Warm Springs Optometric Group is a leading provider for 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ 

We are one of 500 offices in the country to receive a full fitting set of the new 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ lenses, including the NATURAL SHIMMER™, NATURAL SPARKLE™, and NATURAL SHINE™.

Checkout our Facebook page to see how Vistakon developed the lenses.


Locate Us

  • Warm Springs Optometric Group
    194 Francisco Lane Suite 118
    Fremont CA 94539
    Phone: 510-240-5549
    Fax: 510-683-8891
    Emergency Contact:

    If you have an emergency please call 510-697-3298.

    If you do not receive a response within 20 minutes, or you feel like you are experiencing a sight threatening emergency, proceed to the nearest emergency room.

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