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The highlight of your day will be your experience with us, at WSOG!

Caring for your precious gift of sight, your instincts tell you to choose a highly credentialed and experienced professional, such as Dr. Michael Fauria and Dr. Susan Pirrone, who both graduated from UC Berkely School of Optometry in 1984. You also want comprehensive vision care including state of the art examinations, management and treatment of both vision conditions and eye diseases. In addition, you want a large selection of eye glasses and contact lenses with quality staff to match your vision needs with vision fashion and function.

Exceptional, personable eyecare that focuses on you is available at Warm Springs Optometric Group located in Fremont, CA. We are committed to making your experience the highlight of your day. From greeting you with a smile, to a personalized assessment of your vision condition and solutions, we make you feel right at home. Our goal is to exceed patient satisfacation by providing superior vision care with quality services and products. At Warm Springs Optometric Group we maintain and preserve vision with yearly comprehensive exams using the highest technology available

Warm Springs Optometric Group recommends you check with your health insurance or visual insurance provider before the end of the year to maximize your benefits!

Having a comprehensive eye exam does a lot more than checking how clearly you read an eye chart. A thorough eye exam by Dr. Fauria or Dr. Pirrone can lead to early detection of ocular diseases that would otherwise go unnoticed.

If you have a health insurance or vision insurance plan, it's recommended that before the end of the year, you check what your plan offers in order to schedule your annual eye exam. You can also reach out to our office for further help on the benefits of a routine eye exam and utilizing your benefits to their maximum.

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"One call, drop-in, seen immediately, current glasses fixed better than new while I was making the order for another pair. Out in 20 minutes. What more can I say? It doesn't get any better than that."
~-John L. December 2015

* * * *

"Awesome service and very friendly staff. I've been a patient since 2011 and I never had a bad experience."
~-robertb December 2015

* * * *

"Courteous and efficient staff. Always a pleasure to meet Dr. Pirrone."
~-nityak December 2015

* * * *

"I so recommend this office as it has the most updated equipment and friendly staff. Dr. Fauria is so knowledgeable and puts you at ease with questions you may have. They take time with your appointment!"

~-Janeen F. Nov. 2015
* * * *

I've been going to the Warm Springs Optometric Group ever since they were located in their old office location. This was all the way back when I was in the third grade, so... like 13 years now?
Dr. Pirrone has been my optometrist ever since then, and some of the receptionists have also been there for as long as I can remember. The staff and doctors here are really nice, and I really like the setting of the optometrist office. A lot of optometry places I've been to are really plain and uninviting, but this office is well decorated and has a warm and welcoming feeling."

~-Tiffany K. from Fremont, CA

* * * *

"Im so happy I found this office. I needed a new optomitrist because my old ones were always awful. But this office is amazing!... The office is so nice and the staff there is so friendly especially Ann & Corine they always helped me when I need anything!.. And there always so happy. Dr. Fauria is the best! He helped me with all of my eye problems and a have a few.. I have a problem with allergy season and I told him that and hes so knowledgeable and prescripted me these drops. Now Im going on with my day with no problem with itchy eyes and redness. I would recommend everyone to go here."
~-Mariethonnie M. from Hayward, CA

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"Great place for eye exams and glasses. Excellent service and quality with average prices. I was especially impressed with their eye inspection technology, it caught a problem in my right eye very early. I highly recommend this business.
Optomap Retinal Exam - The revolutionary system uses low powered laser beams which are scanned in two dimensions over the entire retina. Light reflected from the retina is detected and transformed into a digital image which appears, almost immediately, on the screen of a conventional monitor. The image can be separated to reveal different levels of the retina -- the choroid and sensory retina views and can be used to facilitate closer inspection of suspicious lesions. The advantages of these digital images include objective documentation, cost-effectiveness, easy storage, serial comparisons and remote analysis."

~-donald d. from Santa Clara, CA

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"I've been seeing Dr. Pirrone for over 25 years, and you couldn't pay me enough to go anywhere else. She takes her time with patients, their needs, habits, life style, etc. My questions are always answered, I have never had issues with care and am extremely grateful to have her taking care of my eyes."
~-Kim S. from Fremont, CA

* * * *

"Been a patient for years, as always my experience was great!"
~-Anne V

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"Dr. Pirrone and her exceptional staff have been treating me for over 25 years now!! Always very professional and courteous to my needs."
~-Thomas B

* * * *

"Staff greeted me. Great experience..Dr went over my history took the time to explain my test results. Buying new glasses also good experience."
~-Reginald P

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""I've been going to Warm Springs Optometric for 25 years now. Always a professional and pleasant experience. Dr. Susan Pirrone and her staff are very caring and always attentive to my needs!!""
~-Tommy T.



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