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Changing the way our patients see the world...

The highlight of your day will be your experience with us, at Warm Springs Optometric Group!

Caring for your precious gift of sight, your instincts tell you to choose a highly credentialed and experienced professional, such as Dr. Michael Fauria and Dr. Susan Pirrone, who both graduated from UC Berkely School of Optometry in 1984. You also want comprehensive vision care including state of the art examinations, management and treatment of both vision conditions and eye diseases. We also offer therapy for Advanced Nighttime Orthokeratology (Ortho-K). In addition, you want a large selection of eye glasses and contact lenses with quality staff to match your vision needs with vision fashion and function.

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Exceptional, personable eye care that focuses on you is available at Warm Springs Optometric Group located in Fremont, CA. We are committed to making your experience the highlight of your day. From greeting you with a smile to a personalized assessment of your vision condition and solutions, we make you feel right at home. Our goal is to exceed patient satisfaction by providing superior vision care with quality services and products. At Warm Springs Optometric Group we maintain and preserve vision with yearly comprehensive exams using the highest technology available

Warm Springs Optometric Group recommends you check with your health insurance or visual insurance provider before the end of the year to maximize your benefits!

Having a comprehensive eye exam does a lot more than checking how clearly you read an eye chart. A thorough eye exam by Dr. Fauria or Dr. Pirrone can lead to early detection of ocular diseases that would otherwise go unnoticed.

If you have a health insurance or vision insurance plan, it's recommended that before the end of the year, you check what your plan offers in order to schedule your annual eye exam. You can also reach out to our office for further help on the benefits of a routine eye exam and utilize your benefits to their maximum

Speciality Services with Our Optometrist in Fremont,CA

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Dry Eyes & Allergies are Hard to Deal With

Sometimes it is difficult to handle both dry eyes and allergies. Itchy, red eyes and seasonal allergies can be bothersome to the contact lense wearer, and just in general for everyone! For relief, book an appointment with your eye doctor in Fremont, CA today!

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Warm Springs Optometric Group is one of the few optometry practices in Fremont, CA with a specialty in myopia control for kids. Through the use of new methods, we can slow or even stop your child's myopia from getting worse. For more information about these cutting-edge treatments and to discuss your candidacy, please contact our office in Fremont, CA today.

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Polarized Eyewear Can Prevent Dry Eyes

UV rays harm your vision and skin so with polarized sunwear you get the benefit of blocking UV rays and preventing dry eyes. Dry eyes are often more sensitive to sun light than normal eyes and it's therefore advisable to protect them when you are outside, even on cloudy days.
Ask your Warm Springs Optometric Group eye doctor about polarized sunglasses today!

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Our Latest Arrival

New! The Seemless Collection

  • Patented plug design & bonding agent that reduces cracking and loosening of lenses
  • Increased clarity & comfort with no lens distortion
  • Easier to clean than other rimless frames
  • Lenses can be removed and the Seemless frame can be reused when a prescription is changed

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Is Your Child Nearsighted? Try Myopia Control!

If your child is having trouble with close vision then we recommend trying myopia control instead of glasses. Your Warm Springs Optometric Group eye doctor is highly trained with cutting techniques to slow the progress of your child's myopia.

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Give Your Child an Edge at School with Myopia Control!

Your child's eyesight is undoubtedly a top priority for you. So give them an advantage at school, in sports and in their future endeavors with Myopia Control therapy! Your child will be able to participate in sports without glasses or contacts and any dryness or irritation from contacts is eliminated!

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Are You Ignoring Your Dry Eyes?

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